Delicious Americana meets amazing healthful choices at The Grill ‘n Green Restaurant in Rockford. Differing tastes and dietary needs can make it difficult to choose where to dine, but that’s all about to change. If you prefer standard American fare or specialized popular alternatives (such as Paleo or Mediterranean), we’ve got it all. The Grill ‘n Green Restaurant will be one that is truly “Everyone’s Favorite”. The food will be great. Want a burger and fries? – No problem! If you’re a vegetarian, insist on organic, or are looking for grass-fed, farm raised food, The Grill ‘n Green is the place for you.

We’re not just about food, we’re about fun as well. You’ll love our bar, private meeting room and tastefully placed slots area. Bring your party or bring your family, but definitely bring your appetite.

Opening soon, we’ll be offering breakfast, lunch and supper, as well we’ll be open for professional & night life crowds. Grill ‘n Green will present an awesome steak that will sizzle and delight just as easily as we can fix a wonderful, organic Paleo dish that will truly satisfy.

Stay tuned to our progress on social media. Our online presence will give you plenty of offers and special discounts. We get social on social media, so talk to us and give us your ideas and suggestions. Grill ‘n Green will have a menu unlike anything you’ve seen. It’s a perfect time to contact us! If you’re looking for an opportunity to be part of this amazing experience, bring your passion and your resume to 1017 E State Street while construction is underway. We’ll hit the ground running, so get in early!



The Grill ‘n Green, 1021 E State St Rockford, 815 262-2833


Opening soon.

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