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Welcome to the Grill ‘n Green, we don’t just want you to think of us as a different kind of restaurant, we want you to think of us as your restaurant.  This page is where it all starts!  Learn about why our food tastes better and is more healthy.  If you’re like many today, you want to break away from everything you thought a restaurant is and finally find a place that approaches this tired ol’ industry completely differently – be sure, there’s nobody anywhere doing what we’re doing.  We started from a different place, one where a healthy lifestyle, family and friendship is everything.  No matter who you are, you can come to the Grill ‘n Green with your friends and loved ones and eat in a way that you feel comfortable with.


Sure, there are the American favorites here, but we also know that your life, and your table, has room for everyone.  The core dietary options from Mediterranean to vegan, vegetarian and paleo are available.  We know the people who watch what they eat; they’re no nonsense!  For them, every meal simply has to be healthy, tasty and wonderfully prepared.  And, as always, they want an amazing place to share the experience that’s warm, homey and welcoming.  Our decor is part grandma’s kitchen, part trendy and definitely unique – with a tip of the hat to the traditional great American diner.


So, consider this page as your home base for your restaurant, your new, favorite place.  Stay, explore and learn about freshness, healthful choices and how we do things differently.



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